Voortman Cookies




June 2017 - November 2017



The Idea

Since all of Voortman distributors are independent contractors, it is best if they carry their own smartphone device instead of an big old device costing a fortune, Voortman decided to leverage the opportunity afforded and invest in creation of a new business mobile application that run on standard consumer devices supporting Android.

The Technical Challenge

Design and implement the technical architecture for a complex multi-platform solution that would as much as possible share a common code base across all platforms. Create a sophisticated data storage and synchronization mechanism that allowed for each application to function correctly even while offline.

The Solution

Together we have created a Voortman Distribution application used by all Voortman distributors. It works as a self-employment application which includes the ability to distribute to Voortman regular merchants, local shops, place an order for new sets of cookies, receiving order, adjust price for certain cookies, connect to external bluetooth scanner and print an invoice and also a dashboard with info regarding your account balance, weekly sales and deadline for the orders.


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