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September 2014 - January 2015


Digital Publishing

The Idea

The new Gojimo Tutor app would address the students’ need for extra help, by providing the answers to burning questions and extra support on-demand. The app would deliver one-to-one support for students studying Math and Science via instant messaging 24/7, 365 days a year. Gojimo Tutor would connect students to a specialist tutor in the relevant subject area, who would be able to help with homework and exam preparation.

The Technical Challenge

The main challenge in bringing the idea to life was working to a very tight deadline. Time was of the essence when it came to the Gojimo Tutor app launch. Demand and usage peak during exam preparation in the UK; giving the team only 4 months before May/June exam period. To give the Gojimo Tutor the greatest chance for success, the app needed to be available during this period.

The Solution

Following extensive testing of our expert knowledge of Xamarin, Gojimo invited Code Chemistry to work on the Gojimo Tutor app. With our wealth of software development experience and deep knowledge of the Xamarin platform, our team enabled Gojimo to deliver a fully functioning, feature rich app for iOS and Android in time for the exam preparation period.


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