Dicom Transportation Group


Dicom Transportation Group


January 2015 - March 2017


Human Resources

The Idea

Many of DTG’s mobile users (Courier Drivers in this case) are independent contractors and carry their own Smartphone devices. DTG decided to leverage the opportunity afforded by that fact and create a suite of Line of Business mobile applications that run on standard consumer devices running Google Android or Apple’s iOS Operating Systems. DTG tendered an RFP in early 2015, and it was awarded to PHD Solutions. PHD Solutions was selected for their extensive expertise in developing enterprise-grade mobility solutions for the Transportation and Logistics industry. PHD Solutions reached out to Code Chemistry in order to leverage their extensive experience in architecting solid, scalable cross-platform mobility solutions. The two teams made an excellent pairing.

The Technical Challenge

The growth of DTG was rapidly outpacing the ability of its existing mobility solutions to meet their needs. The environment was one that called for a set of agile, flexible, and easily adaptable solutions that would keep pace with their increasing demands.

The Solution

Together we have created four distinct mobility solutions in the DTG “Smart” series for DTG that address various challenges. Project 1: ‘DTG WorkSmart’ – Used directly by over 300 DTG courier drivers. Project 2: ‘DTG ReceiveSmart’- This application is used by high-volume customers of DTG, granting them the ability to reconcile large palletized shipments delivered to them by DTG freight drivers. Project 3: ‘EC WorkSmart’ – Similar in function to DTG Worksmart, EC Worksmart is used by courier drivers of Eastern Connection, a courier & logistics company acquired by DTG in 2015. Project 4: ‘DTG Warehouse’ – A mobile application used by in-terminal staff, the primary focus of DTG Warehouse is to provide Track & Trace capabilities across all Dicom in-terminal operations.


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