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The Idea

Because we live in a smartphone era, Bitzer Electronics figured that a mobile application would be the far more suitable to ease the jobs of maintenance and monitoring of the ventilation systems. Given that their existing platform was already built on top of .NET and our expertise in Xamarin, years of prior experience building mobile applications on top of it and the now proven CC, we had a a perfect storm to come up with a solution that would bring the desktop functionality to the much the more compact and portable form factor of a mobile application.

The Technical Challenge

After looking over the requirements our first challenge was to build a prototype MVP for both iOS and Android that can use Bluetooth to scan nearby devices. 1. Design and implement the technical architecture for a complex multi-platform solution that would as much as possible share a common code base across all platforms. 2. Work closely with Bitzer's internal Product Support division to figure out how to integrate with their existing communication libraries on both platforms in a generic way and keep platform-specific code at a minimum and maximize code sharing. 3. The application has to be device-agnostic and be able to connect to arbitrary types of devices using Lodam’s libraries.


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